Sleep Dentistry

Conditions Managed
• Obstructive Sleep Apnea
• Snoring
• Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Our expert multi-disciplinary team works closely together in a first of its kind collaboration in Ontario to ensure you are prescribed the right solution for your sleep problem.

Sleep Disorders Dentistry involves the use of a removable Oral Appliance that is worn during sleep to manage Snoring and Sleep Apnea. Oral Appliances are well tolerated with over 90% of patients wearing their Oral Appliance Long term.  

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines states that they are a “Standard of Care” for all Apnea severities for patients that cannot tolerate CPAP or prefer an Oral Appliance to CPAP. Although well tolerated by many patients, Oral Appliances have a success rate; for some patients using an Oral Appliance will resolve the airway issue completely, and for other patients, adjunctive therapies will also be required to obtain optimum outcomes.

Optimal results are best achieved with collaboration between your sleep specialist and our field-leading, board-certified Sleep Dentist Dr. John Viviano. While each case requires a dedicated precision approach, we follow a 3-step model to success:

1)    Proof of Concept: “Will an Oral Appliance Work for Me?
Apnea Guard Trial Appliance:
Provides “Subjective Evaluation” of response to oral appliance therapy before proceeding with fabrication of a custom appliance.  

MATRx Plus Theranostic Test: This home sleep study provides “Objective Evaluation” of response to oral appliance therapy before proceeding with the fabrication of a custom appliance.

2)    Temporary Oral Appliance: “Immediate or Interim Therapy”
Adjustable in <1 mm increment, provides approximately 12 months of service.
Allows accurate adjustment for comfort and treatment success.

3)    Custom Long-Term Oral Appliance: “Long Term Therapy”
Variety of Oral Appliance Options: Appliances are matched to the patient’s needs taking into consideration the nature of their apnea, their dentition, periodontium, temporo-mandibular joint, anatomy and preferences. We offer a range of appliance options custom-fit to your needs.    

Multi-Disciplinary Sleep Care

Our expert care team is ready to help you.

No sleep problem is too big or too small for our dedicated team of providers.