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Due to Covid-19 and sanctions placed by our government, for the safety of our customers, employees and families we have decided to temporarily close our doors. Stay safe and healthy . Check back with us for updates .

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Our Mission
“To provide the highest quality, comprehensive multi-disciplinary sleep care available.”

We offer Ontario's only truly multi-disciplinary sleep care, with comfortable diagnostic facilities in a modern setting.

what we do

Highly specialized facility for diagnosis and management.

From diagnostic sleep studies to clinical consultation we offer medical, surgical, dental and psychological sleep therapies, all under one roof.

A diverse group of facilities dedicated to complete sleep care.

We have six convenient locations to serve you better.

With a referral from your doctor an appointment can be scheduled any day of the week, with in-person and telemedicine consults available (Monday through Friday) and sleep studies available in our comfortable, modern facilities 7 days a week.

Multi-Disciplinary Sleep Care

As one of the first sleep clinics in Ontario, we have evolved to provide the first and only truly integrated multi-disciplinary sleep team. From medical therapy for snoring and sleep apnea, to sleep surgery, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dental sleep medicine, we are proud to offer the strongest and most diverse sleep care group in Canada.

Sleep Medicine

Sleep Surgery

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Psychology

What is Sleep Psychology?

Psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (commonly referred to as CBT-i) play an integral role in the treatment of a variety of sleep disorders.

CBT-i is considered the first line therapy for insomnia. It is an evidenced based treatment that includes a clinical sleep assessment, weekly sleep diaries, a combination of sleep restriction, stimulus control and cognitive therapy that is tailored to the individual patients’ needs.

CBT-i is designed to change the way patients behave around sleep and to feel less anxious about sleep (or lack there off). The treatment takes approximately 5 sessions and while OHIP does not cover psychological services when not performed in conjunction with a psychiatrist.

Patients are provided with a receipt after each treatment session to submit to extended benefit plans for reimbursement. Jessica Palmer, who directs our Sleep Psychology division has over 20 years of clinical experience working as a psychologist in both the US and Canada with 12 years of experience working with chronic insomnia using CBT-I. As part of our integrated multi-disciplinary team, she provides personalized solutions for a variety of sleep-related issues including restless sleep, difficulty falling or staying asleep, and poor sleep hygiene.

Multi-Disciplinary Sleep Care

Our expert care team is ready to help you.

No sleep problem is too big or too small for our dedicated team of providers.